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It all started in 1994 when it occurred to me that there were too many high school athletes going unnoticed by college coaches.  I was in sports broadcasting then.  I thought, "Someone has to do something to help these kids."  That's when I started helping kids and parents find the PERFECT FIT for their college years.  Since then, we have helped hundreds of families all over the U.S., and we would be honored to help you, too.

We utilize your athletic and academic ability to open doors to the PERFECT college FIT for you, and we do it FASTER, MORE EFFECTIVELY and MUCH LESS EXPENSIVELY than anyone else!

You want an athletic scholarship and/or you want to find the PERFECT FIT for your academic, athletic, personal and financial needs.  If you didn't, you wouldn't have visited this site.  If you're a parent, you spend thousands on your kid's sports career.  Why?  What's the payoff?  If you're a student-athlete, you sacrifice a lot to get better.  Who knows about that?  The local sports writer?  A few college coaches?  Maybe?


If you're serious about getting maximum exposure to colleges and universities, individual attention from college coaches, expert guidance and finding the PERFECT FIT for college, keep reading.


Every day at every school in the United States, high school student-athletes are either under-recruited or not recruited at all.  Their school may be well-known, but the individual typically is not known by the people that matter...the college coaches - and it better be ENOUGH college coaches because typically 10% of those who initially contact you will offer a scholarship.  Of those, how many will be the PERFECT FIT?  That's where we come in.


We help kids find the PERFECT FIT for college by utilizing their athletic ability to open athletic, academic, financial and personal growth opportunities that otherwise wouldn't be there.  Getting a solid education at a school that is the PERFECT FIT at reduced cost or no cost at all to you is the goal, but we're going at it through the athletic door.


At PERFECT FIT, we utilize our experience since 1994 to bridge the gap between colleges & universities and student-athletes.  We bring the colleges to you to help you find the PERFECT FIT for your needs as a college student-athlete.  We communicate daily with college coaches and administrators to make sure every one of them knows everything about you, as a student, as an athlete and as a person.  From there, the coaches will be in direct communication with you via mail, e-mail, text, phone calls and personal visits.


Our efforts don't stop with national exposure.  While we expose every student-athlete to college coaches across the United States on a repeat basis, we also teach the recruiting process and walk you through all of it, step-by-step.  You will never feel unsure when speaking with a college coach or administrator because we will give you the insight on how to communicate effectively, while addressing your specific needs.


This is a process you only go through once.  You must make the most of it and get it right.  The mistake most people make is relying on people with little or no recruiting experience to guide them.  Typically, these well-intentioned people know nothing about getting kids exposure, nor do they have any idea how to attack the recruiting process.  In the end, the young person and his/her family loses.  This is not a dress rehearsal.  This is the real thing.  Get it right.  Now.


You didn't get to where you are as an outstanding student-athlete by waiting for things to happen.  You did your part to make things happen.  Continue that approach by contacting the professionals at PERFECT FIT ATHLETIC RECRUITING today.

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