What You Should Do About Videos

Every day we are asked if we do video editing and/or distribution.  The simple answer is, no.  However, there are some critical things about videos you need to know.


Most college coaches want game video.  They are not interested in words flying around, music playing or cool graphics.  They simply want to see you play.  So, the best way to address your video is to do it yourself.  Do NOT pay some video company an arm and a leg for something you can do yourself, or something with which you can get your school technical people to help you.  College coaches have seen the best and worst quality videos, so do not worry about quality, unless it is difficult to see you performing on the video.


When making a video follow these simple steps:


  • First, put your name, contact information, jersey number, jersey color on at the beginning of the video for about 10-15 seconds.
  • Next, get together about three minutes of your VERY BEST highlights and put those at the beginning of your video.  These highlights must be the very best of the best and not some play that was just "ok."  This is to be an attention-getter, so make these plays stand out.
  • Then, put your very best two games on the video.  No editing required for this.
  • Finally, once you have made this master video, put it on YouTube.


Do not put in the cost of mailing DVDs out to coaches.  It is a waste, especially when you can make the tape, edit the tape and post it online for FREE.


The only exception to this is what is called "spot shadowing" or some other graphic to point you out.  This is almost exclusively used for football offensive and defensive linemen.  Even then, it only needs to be used on the highlight portion of the video.

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