Questions Many People Ask Us

Q: With what sports does Perfect Fit work?

A: All 20+ varsity intercollegiate sports.


Q: When should I start the recruiting process?

A: The sooner, the better.  While there are some stipulations as to when coaches can directly communicate with you, they want to know about you as soon as possible so they can begin evaluating you, see you play in person, chart your progress and begin building a relationship with you.  More important, you want to begin learning about them.


Q: Will you contact colleges and universities close to home, or just far away?

A: We know many kids want to stay closer to home, so we will always contact every college coach in your area.  However, in order to be sure we have exhausted all possibilities in your search for the perfect fit, we make sure to provide you with national exposure.


Q: Do you only work with "blue chip" athletes?

A: NO!  We have worked with our share of top-rated athletes, but the most under-exposed kids are those that are at that next level.  Those are the kids that college coaches never hear about.  We change that for those kids in a dramatic and positive way.


Q: How much does Perfect Fit's service cost?

A: $750 (or about $25/hour for the personal service we provide for you).  Try to find out what other services charge.  Their websites will not say.  What are they hiding?  Our service comes with a MONEYBACK GUARANTEE*, which no other recruiting service doesThere is not a reputable recruiting company anywhere in the United States that can come close to our price or our performance.  PERIOD.


Q: Why is your fee so much lower than any other recruiting service, with some charging more than FOUR TIMES what you charge?

A: We have NO overhead.  All of our costs are manpower costs, or costs for our constant communication with college coaches, updating your information and alerting coaches to the tournaments & events in which you'll be participating.


Q: Once we start, what do we do if we have a question?

A: Contact us directly, day or night!  We're here for YOU.


Q: What's your turn-around time?

A: We have the fastest turn-around time of any recruiting service in the U.S.  We will contact every college coach in all 50 states within 72 hours.  No recruiting company can come close to matching that.


Q: Do you have references?

A: Definitely!  Ask us anytime and we'll be glad to give them to you.


* If college coaches do not recruit (show an interest through communication) your son/daughter, you will get your money back, no questions asked.


Q: My high school/club coach/guidance counselor says they will help us.  Should we just depend on them?

A: Your high school/club coach is very nice to offer to help, and he/she should always be part of the team you assemble to help you find the perfect fit for college.  However, with experience since 1994, we are the professionals.  Would you go to an attorney to set a broken bone and put it in a cast?  Would you call lawyer to properly install wiring and plumbing in your house?  The obvious answer is "NO."  So, don't turn your future over to someone who is not a recruiting professional.

Where to Find Us

Perfect Fit Athletic Recruiting
3906 Grantley Road
Toledo, OH 43613
Phone: 937.307.0929


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